After training at The Cordon Bleu School in London, I set up my own business catering for sophisticated private parties in London. My small family then moved to Greece, where I decided to use my expertise to give cookery demonstrations to locals eager to learn about the international cuisine of London. On our return to France, now with two young children, I continued with demonstrations and entered the Parisian private party scene, catering for high end get-togethers in the suburbs. My young girls, now at an age to demand exciting birthday cakes, encouraged and inspired me to create more and more intricate designs. Birthday cakes were just the start, though, and I quickly became inspired to try wedding and celebration cakes…

The two sides of my love for cooking, the intricacy of the cakes, combined with the homely feel of traditional cooking, are the heart of my business, and what I love to share.

Based in the equestrian town of Maisons Laffitte, 78 a charming Paris suburb, ‘Cooking with Rachel’ offers courses for both adults and children, a full catering service and Cake Design.  Sharing my 30 years of experience with you I will guide you through cooking, baking and cake decoration. I will happily share with you how to create a delicious three course menu; I will show you the tried and tested techniques, giving you the knowledge and the confidence to try it all yourself. I always use the variety and the vibrant freshness of seasonal produce, visiting local markets and picking my produce is part of the process, and one I highly encourage. If learning how to bake and decorate a cake and is more your style, I can show you all the techniques to create something spectacular.

‘Cooking with Rachel’ offers a bespoke cake design service.  Together we can go through your needs and come up with a special design for your special occasion.

I also cater for any occasion.  From canapés to three or four course feasts, all specifically designed, created, crafted and cooked to perfection to really make your occasion special.