My demonstration courses take place on a Tuesday morning.   During the morning, you will watch me prepare a 3 course seasonal meal which you then enjoy for your lunch, with a glass of wine, or two!

Even though these are not hands on classes, by watching me demonstrate you will pick up lots of invaluable tips and advice on how to do things, find out where to buy ingredients or what the French equivalent is. You will be amazed at how much you learn.  ALL recipes have been well thought through so you know they work and you can easily do them in your own home.   You will leave with the typed recipes of the day and loads of confidence and enthusiasm to recreate them !

If Tuesday is not convient, I am happy to consider another day if you get a group together of 4 or more people.

Have a look at my deliciously tempting seasonal menus, to book your place in a class, click here: contact page. If you would like any additional information don’t hesitate to contact me.