Hi Rachel,

We absolutely LOVED your cake as did our guests. It tasted great and looked fabulous.

We received so many compliments and didn’t have enough of your cards to circulate. We ended up taking a picture of one card and texting to those who asked. I think you’ll be receiving calls on future events.

Plus, we are good friends with the caterer, who was blown away. She has taken your information as well.

Thank you so much for giving us a memorable cake that complimented my husband’s retirement.

Best wishes,



Hi Rachel,

Thank you so much for the wonderful food you provided yesterday. It was absolutely delicious
and everybody loved it! We thoroughly enjoyed the day and the food was a big part of it. 

Your efforts were much appreciated.
Thanks so much,


Dear Rachel

I just wanted to thank you so much on behalf of myself, my new wife Florence and our guests for the amazing cake that you made for our wedding.  The day was perfect and we were very lucky with the weather.  The cake went down extremely well with everyone and there wasn’t much left by the end!

Thanks again and kind regards.


Hi Rachel,

Thank you so much for bringing in your fabulous cakes to Alice’s.  We enjoyed the penguin cake immensely!
The fruits inside were incredible!
I would love to order a cake for my son’s birthday March 12th once I know his theme.



FABULOUS was the unanimous verdict.  ‘Elle est une artiste!’   I have been handing out your brochures liberally!
Thank you, Rachel, for making my husband extremely happy!



Just wanted to let you know that your mince pies are the BEST I have ever tasted.  I was never a big fan of mince pies until today.  Yours are definitely gulpy in a more-ish way.  The pastry is so light, thin; and the filling is delicately spiced and sweetened with a lovely slight crunch…exquisitely delicious 🙂
You will also be tickled and delighted to know that one of my dinner guests last night thought your beautiful cake to be a faux cake – ie, a Christmas decoration!  Truly a work of art (visual AND culinary).

Angie x


Hello Rachel
Haven’t sorted photos of the party yet but here’s one of the cake in situ by the speedboat! Lots of compliments!! The 80 small boxes were often consumed
on the spot as the trays out in the room were emptied!! Thank you so much! We still have the top cake which will be going in part to Hanoi, part to San Fran and part hereto absent friends by post!! David and I will happily eat the rest!!! It is delicious – thank you so much.
Best wishes



Mon fils était très content des cours de cuisine, il a appris beaucoup de choses, a cuisiné de très bonnes choses et a aussi appris que cuisiner c’est une chose mais ranger et  faire  la vaisselle faisaient aussi partie des cours de cuisine, dans une ambiance sympathique et multiculturelle.



A quick e-mail to thank you again for the superb cake you made for William’s confirmation. Everyone was very impressed and it was delicious – William loved it.

Roderic and Nicola


Cooking with Rachel is delightful!  Great food, good conversation and great fun!  Best part is sitting down to a lovely meal every Tuesday after the class!

Maureen Conway


Rachel de Chabert’s classes not only inspire adult “foodies” but also children. After a each cooking lesson with Rachel, my  12 yesr old son came home with amazing meals for my family’s dinner! One of her recipes has become a new Christmas tradition, as my son prepared pork tenderloin in pastry to the delight of us.
Margaret x


When I lived in Maisons-Laffitte, I attended Rachel’s cookery groups every Tuesday. It was always a great morning discussing food, life, issues and funny stories! It is such a relaxed and friendly environment. I always loved learning the French for various foods and where to buy them (Humpty Dumpty for meat!). Rachel is such a lovely person who puts you immediately at ease. Even when you are new to the group, you soon feel like part of the family. The best part? You get to sit down to a fantastic lunch and you will end up with a file of recipes that you will use time and again. I can’t recommend Rachel and her group highly enough.
I definitely miss my years living in France, especially the Tuesday morning cooking classes with Rachel.  Coffee, good company and a demo, followed by a fantastic meal, great day!!  I have 4 years of recipes that I use often and love to entertain people with.  My kids even took the Wednesday afternoon classes and brought home some very delicious meals.  They surprise everyone when they whip up something they made in Rachel’s kitchen.  A really friendly fun atmosphere, take advantage of it and enjoy.

Julie Klotz


Our wedding was catered by Rachel who did a fantastic job. She is very friendly and professional in what she does. She presented a menu that was discussed with us beforehand and appreciated by all guests. She took all the food-worry from our minds so we could focus on our best day ever.

Ben & Nicole


Hi Rachel,
Thank you so much for yesterdays course, great fun and very informative.
Looking forward to my next class.



Wonderful cake, you captured the theme perfectly!  Lots of  compliments on the taste as well.
Many thanks again,

Liz x

 Merci Rachel  pour une belle et gourmande expérience.

30 personnes et un buffet généreux, goûteux, gourmand, plein de saveurs parfaitement dosées, un tout très équilibré, très naturel et varié.
Auparavant, un échange sur les goûts, les désirs, les quantités et des conseils avisés.
Au final, une livraison à la minute près, par Rachel elle-même, toujours souriante et distinguée qui met en place et donne toutes les explications.
Nous avons renouvelé l’expérience pour un apéritif, qui devait servir d’entrée pour 8 personnes, et le succès a été, une fois de plus, au rendez-vous.
A recommander : beaucoup de soin, de sérieux, de générosité, une bonne écoute de la demande, des produits de qualité pour une explosion de saveurs subtiles.